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Blockchain Event Price Oracle

Below you will find our first Alpha version of our Nasa and Tellor powered Blockchain Event Price Oracle

As humanity braces for exponential growth of the Space Industry on chain sensitivity to interstellar and terestrial events is essential to support the smooth running of humanity's multi-planet aspirations.

Our Blockchain Event Price Oracle enables blockchain contracts to dynamically assertain asset prices during various interstellar and terrestrial events such as wildfires or solar flares. This enables the creation of commercial triggers on applications such as insurance, disaster recovery and many more ensuring that resources are appropriately and autonomously committed.

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Ground Control

With event based notification capabilities our oracle provides faster commercial decision support for blockchain operations


With interstellar data available to the blockchain our oracle paves the way for better space tech smart contract design


As a part of autonomous launch operations our oracle enables greater sophistication in event based agreements

Cube Sat

integration with our oracle will enable more autonomous Cube Sat commercial operation